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We provide great quality rentals for violin, viola, cello and upright bass.  Our instruments are set up by our knowledgeable team for optimal sound and comfort.  We make it easy for you and for your instructors.


Violin and Viola Making & Commissions

Rodger has been making violins and violas since the age of 14, when he made his first one.  The passion he developed at this young age has continually grown over the past 50 years and he has become a Master Luthier. Robert is also making a violin, to be completed this fall.  Available Now


Restoration & Repair

Restoration of fine professional and antique instruments is a major part of the work of our violin shop.  Literally hundreds of instruments pass through our hands every year and our loyal customers bring or send us their precious instruments from all over the United Stated and internationally.  Both Rodger and Robert have studied with some of the worlds finest makers and restorers.  They also do instrument repair, every thing from the most basic student repairs to the most complex.



Appraisal needs can arise from simple curiosity to the need for insurance coverage value assessment.  Appointments are preferred and can take up to an hour, depending your needs.  Costs for an appraisal are $20 (verbal assessment per item), $85 (written appraisal for insurance purposes) and $125 (written appraisal for insurance purposes with photographs) and up for more detailed appraisals requiring consultation for certification.  Please note: We do not to certified IRS appraisals over $5,000. If you need this type of appraisal, we have a select group of appraisers that we can refer.  Schedule Now

Our Portfolio

Sound tests done of Rodger’s two latest violins, played by Jessica Stearns.

Recent News

Lessons Studios Now Open

We are now offering lessons in our very own onsite lesson studio.  If you are interested in taking violin, viola, cello or voice lessons, please follow the link below to get more information.

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Oberlin Workshop

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Three members of our team, Rodger, Robert and Rebecca, were able to be a part of the Oberlin Instrument Workshop this last week.  It was a very full week in which we were blessed to learn from the finest in the violin world.  Below are pictures from the Bow Restoration Workshop with David Orlin instructing

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What Our Clients Say

Rodger Stearns beautifully brought back to life my beautiful Remy violin that had been maliciously defaced and broken. Most thought the violin could never look good though repaired, however, that was not the case. The restoration brought the violin back to its original beauty and tone quality. I have been grateful to know such a fine craftsman as Rodger Stearns."

“Brought back to life…”

( Dr. John Enyart )

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